Our Story

Many years ago our boss started a business producing the best organic baby food ever! Traditional supermarkets gave him such a hard time that he decided to build the best e-commerce team in-house. Eventually the food production business was sold and the focus and investment was on developing and exapnding the online retail part.

We became an e-commerce powerhouse thanks to being screwed by big brick and mortar chains!

If your business involves online interaction with customers and suppliers, payment systems, domestic or global fulfillment and logistics we might be the right partner for you. Simply reach out and we can explore the options together and see if we can be of any added value. We never charge for that.

The Details
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We offer a combination of Services, Tools and Relationships.

There is of course no size that fits all in business so we mix and match.

Process Design

The peformance of an online retailer highly depends on the smooth operation. As a business owner you want the simplest route to finalise the transaction.

Volume Benefits

As a client of ours you are entitled to use our discounted logistics contracts at no extra cost. You can use our shipping labels through the system at actual cost prices.


We have partnerships with a number of 3PL partners who can process and fulfil our clients orders accross Europe, UK, The Middle East and North America.


In general we do not support dropshipping as our systems are built on basis of actual inventory. We can, however, offer consultancy services if you want to offer dropshipping to your sellers.


While we work with a number of major platforms Magento is our preferred choice. All our systems are guaranteed to work with the latest version of Magento


For smaller projects we can assist our clients with Shopify Integration as well, however, the technical support is only with our own systems integrating with Shopify.

The Endorsements

MultiStore OMS

Using our hosted Order Management System you can retrieve and fulfil orders on multiple stores on Magento, Shopify and Bol.com.

Shipping Platform

We offer a free unified shipping pricing and labeling platform. You can use it within our own systems or integrate it in your systems using our APIs.

Bespoke Magento

We offer customisation service for Magento 2 to deliver the specific requirements as well as API integrations where relevant.