Change shouldn’t hurt…

We all love it online. We use expensive retail real estate as a free showcase to find and check all what we want and then order them online. We order them, open the box, leave it there and then decide we don’t really want them. We return them within our legal free return window.
Online is no monster




Logistics & Fulfillment

Take an expert's advice but this is going to be your achilles' heel if not done right. We design tailored solutions for the chain.

Supply Chain

We work with a number of reliable suppliers specialised in ecommerce. This is offered as an exclusive service to our clients.


Our specialist legal and tax advisors can assist you structuring your legal entity to comply with all applicable laws.

Payment Processing

Our solutions are compatible with all major payment gateways and we can integrate the most suitable one for your needs.

IT Infrastructure

We use top of the range cloud based servers and can assist you with deploying a scalable solution in the most efficient way.

Robust Backend

Our core focus is Magento. We believe security and stability of an ecommerce platform is non-negotiable.