Absolutely NOT.
Setting up an e-commerce business needs proper planning and implementation. You need to educate yourself before making any decisions so don’t fall for promises of becoming rich by buying cheap on Alibaba and selling  in Europe for a 1000% margin. It is indeed a lucrative business but only if it is done right.

It all depends on what you want to do, how much flexibility you need and what type of investment you want to do up-front. Reach out to us for a quick chat and you can get plenty of advice on this strategic question free of charge.

Another tough one. Yes and no. There is no immediate answer to this simple question. It depends a lot on the type of product or service you want to sell and the way you want to market your business. Ask one of our advisors to explain the pros and cons of selling on marketplaces when you contact us. Again, first contact is always free.

Dropshipping is indeed a big trend in the industry these days. Major wholesalers are trying to keep as close to B2C market as possible while keeping their retail clients happy too.